Description: Software Engineer
Age: 27
About: I'm a software developer with a focus on web development. I'm into comics, video games, and board games.
Keywords: genealogy, family, history, ancestry
Description: Plane Spotter/Aviation Geek from Manchester, UK
Location: Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK
Hometown: Manchester
Keywords: aviation, avgeek, planes, plane, spotting, airports, airlines, photos
About: I've been Spotting on and off for more than 30 years now - I don't get as much time to do it as I would like (family and work get in the way, usually!), but I do it whenever I get the chance, and occasionally add photos to the site.
Feel free to look around...
Description: Teacher
Age: 61
Location: Germany
Hometown: Minden
Description: This is a test.
Location: Greater Manchester, UK
About: I was born - I haven't died yet.
Keywords: anarchist, backpacker, nomad, activist, coder
About: living free of money since September 2016
Description: Yukiverse
Keywords: blogger, writer, community, manager, messianic, natsari, gamer, asperger, autism, philippines, asean, filipino, pinoy, chinese, tsinoy, christian, researcher, developer
About: To keep things manageable and simple, visit my public profile here:


Description: I'm an endothermic diurnal omnivore.
About: I do a lot of thinking and typing in natural and constructed languages.

I'm an advocate for permaculture, ecovillages and FOSS.

Currently, my main interests are
fitness, nutrition, physiology,
cooking, constructed languages,
linguistics and psychology.

I'm also on diaspora.


Location: Chile


About: I'm different.
Location: Kansas City
About: I'm an artist and art student in Kansas City. I'm into a bunch of things I don't feel like writing about at the moment.
Keywords: suisse, ppe, La, Sarraz, Vaud, liberty
Description: #prestashop
Location: Suisse
Keywords: français, Suisse, federation, diaspora, gnusocial, prestashop
About: [email protected]

Vous pouvez ajouter [email protected] sur mastodon, hubzilla, gnusocial ou bien diaspora et j'aurais le plaisir de pouvoir communiquer avec vous.
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